DPD SK is the first Slovak company to switch to SAP Cloud. BOOTIQ will ensure migration and streamlining of the accounting system

Slovak courier company DPD is growing and moving to the cloud. Specifically, it is replacing its existing ERP system with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. The initiative came from the company's management, who realized the need for a more powerful and efficient system to process more data. The initial analysis, subsequent migration and long-term maintenance is provided by BOOTIQ SK in cooperation with the consulting company Novasoft, part of the technology and consulting group BiQ Group.

"DPD SK management knows that large customers require a number of specialised solutions, for example an accounting and control system that processes accounting documents for hundreds of thousands of shipments per month. After a pre-implementation analysis, we recommended the client migrate to SAP Public Cloud, which offers solutions for such use cases. We are glad that thanks to the previous successful cooperation and superior relations between DPD SK and our subsidiary BOOTIQ SK we managed to negotiate the sale of the license locally through the Slovak SAP representative office. Finally, we managed to conclude a contract for a public cloud solution, which is significantly cheaper than the private cloud solution of the S/4HANA platform," says Boris Zovčák, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of BiQ Group.

"Based on the delivered pre-implementation analysis, we decided to migrate to SAP Public Cloud, which turned out to be the right answer to our needs, as it provides the required features and their number is constantly expanding. In addition, it enables connectivity to external systems. Thanks to consultations with experts from the BiQ Group, we had a clear idea of the price range, timeframe and customization of the offered processes that migration to the SAP Cloud would require. The design of the new invoicing system only confirmed us that the solution will meet our needs and ensure business continuity," says Peter Radačovský, CIO of DPD SK....

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