There is a shortage of 100,000 SAP consultants in Europe. The SAP world opens up opportunities for new talents

Vladimír Moravec, CEO and founder of CC Novasoft, spoke to not only about SAP. How has the cloud changed an otherwise conservative environment?

SAP is one of the world's most widely used ERP platforms, relied upon by the world's leading corporations in their day-to-day operations. Throughout its history, the entire system has been continuously expanded with new solutions, from business processes to supply chain management and human resources. Market growth has also brought the need for new consultants - specialists who know the system's capabilities and can design and implement optimal solutions.

However, this status quo has now been shattered by the cloud, which has brought new technologies and considerable freedom to a previously conservative environment. But also the need to adapt to new possibilities and make the most of them. The move to S/4 HANA and the cloud has directly opened up opportunities for up to 100,000 new talent across Europe to help companies through this complex process. And the change is starting right now.

A multitude of projects brings huge opportunities

The number of SAP customers is constantly growing. However, the paradigm shift makes it clear that the future is in the cloud - whereas before, customers without SAP knowledge defined their requirements and needs and developed the product accordingly, today they choose from available solutions that have historically proven themselves. The two worlds are thus converging, with long-term projects and bespoke development taking a back seat. SAP is now introducing companies to the cloud, the main advantage of which is easy implementation and ongoing upgrades.

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